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The insulation vacuum designed for the needs of the Professional Contractor!

“The system performs like beast”...customer feedback
Intec’s VORTEC® family of vacuums offer high productivity with robust engineering combined to provide the highest value vacuum in today’s market.


The VORTEC Beast is designed for fast & profitable recycling of spray applied insulation, removal of damaged insulation due to fire, water, and smoke, and HVAC cleaning. The most productive VORTEC yet.


Damaged Insulation

Whether your insulation was damaged by a storm or maybe ruined by an unwanted intruder such as a racoon, we can help.  Our team has done over 1500 full removals of attic insulation and we can handle most any task.  Our most difficult removal was a home where racoons had lived for several years.  It took 6 days and 3 dumpsters to remove over 3000 pounds of waste and urine soaked insulation.  

When does insulation need to be removed?

Insulation that has been soaked with storm water and not dried out within 72 hours , needs to be removed.  Insulation that is filled with urine and excrement from animals should be removed for the possible health risks.  Certain insulation such as vermiculite may contain asbestos and needs to be removed by someone other than Energy Nerds.  We are currently not licensed to remove any asbestos. 

How do we remove insulation from an attic?

To the left is a picture of the type of high-powered vacuum necessary to pull heavy insulation out of an attic.  We vacuum insulation out into very large cloth bags and then take the bags to the land fill.  The process can take 5 to 8 hours for an average home not including the replacement of the insulation.  We definitely do NOT recommend doing this process on your own. 

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