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Invisaflects A/C

Refrigerant Enhancer

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Protect your AC compressor and expansion valves while improving heat displacement with our proprietary technology that reduces a commonly known problem called oil fouling.

Fouling is the accumulation of unwanted material on solid surfaces to the detriment of function. In your air conditioning and refrigeration system, a small percentage of the compressor’s lubricating oil escapes the compressor and circulates the system with the refrigerant. This oil attaches itself to the inner walls of the refrigerant’s copper tubing; causing a negative effect as an insulator to heat exchange.


This product has been tested and proven affective by Intertek which is the leader in AC product testing. 


Our EPA certified technician will install this product that brings years of energy savings and avoided repair costs.  


Out of all of the attainable features, below are the key benefits


  • Stable non-corrosive liquid added to the refrigerant of a cooling system

  • Reduces A/C energy consumption & increases cooling capacity

  • Evaporates refrigerant at a higher temp, thus taking more heat out of the air, making colder air come out of the supply vents

  • Works with all common refrigerants

  • Easily installs in an existing system

  • Improves transfer of heat coils

  • Delivers colder vent air

  • Removes oil fouling

  • Nationwide support

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