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Traditional Insulation

We carry both batting and blown in insulation for attics and walls.  We can help you decide which is right for your home or building. 


Typically we prefer to use fiberglass wool for blown in applications as it is shown to hold its thickness better over time and tends to be much cleaner from an air quality standpoint.  


For Batting applications we can install both faced and unfaced product. 

If you are unsure if you have adequate insulation in your attic, you can take the depth in your attic multiplied by 3.4 and that will give you an approximate R-Value. For Example if I have 12 inches of insulation that would be 12 times 3.4 and an R-Value of 40.8.  If you want to see what the United States Department of Energy recommends for your area click the button below. 

Multilayer Reflective Insulation


Ecoshield reflective insulation is used in conjunction with traditional insulation to reflect radiant heat. Traditional insulation works primarily on conduction and convection heat transfer.  Ecoshield completes the thermal dynamic equation by reflecting radiant heat. Made from 99% pure aluminum this product reflects 97% of radiant heat back to its source.  The core of this revolutionary product is made from recycled plastic that has been baked to over 1000 degrees to remove the risk of fire acceleration.  This plastic is then shaped into a closed cell honeycomb technology which is then perforated so that the blanket can neither hold or trap moisture .  

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Heat Reflective Coatings


Invisaflects is the premiere coating used to reflect radiant heat with a simple two step application to walls or ceilings.  We carry a roof coating as well.


So if you have a home with no or little attic space, you can still reflect radiant heat using this scientifically proven technology. 


Applications for this product include:







Commercial Buildings

Refrigeration Trailers

Restaurant Walk-In Coolers


Metal Buildings

Shipping Containers

Fox News reported on one customers' results using Invisaflects along with several of the technologies we employ at Energy Nereds. Click the link below to watch the news segment.

Refrigerant Enhancer

Invisaflects A/C

Protect your AC compressor and expansion valves while improving heat displacement with our proprietary technology that reduces a commonly known problem called oil fouling.

Fouling is the accumulation of unwanted material on solid surfaces to the detriment of function. In your air conditioning and refrigeration system, a small percentage of the compressor’s lubricating oil escapes the compressor and circulates the system with the refrigerant. This oil attaches itself to the inner walls of the refrigerant’s copper tubing; causing a negative effect as an insulator to heat exchange.


This product has been tested and proven affective by Intertek which is the leader in AC product testing. 


Our EPA certified technician will install this product that brings years of energy savings and avoided repair costs.  


Out of all of the attainable features, below are the key benefits


  • Stable non-corrosive liquid added to the refrigerant of a cooling system

  • Reduces A/C energy consumption & increases cooling capacity

  • Evaporates refrigerant at a higher temp, thus taking more heat out of the air, making colder air come out of the supply vents

  • Works with all common refrigerants

  • Easily installs in an existing system

  • Improves transfer of heat coils

  • Delivers colder vent air

  • Removes oil fouling

  • Nationwide support

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Attic Ventilation

Solar Fan by YellowBlue Eco-Tech

A solar powered attic fan provides constant steady air flow throughout your attic. As a result, stale warm air is vented out giving more room for fresh cool air, also known as “air exchange.” A properly ventilated attic will help reduce your energy costs and reduce the temperature in your home in the summer, and keep your home warmer in the winter.


Many people are unaware that they have excess moisture in their attic. This excess moisture causes mildew and impedes R-Value in traditional insulation.


When you see shingles start curl and fall apart most of the time it is a result of poor ventilation and excessive heat in the attic. 

Attic Entry Covers

The Attic Gator

 The Attic Gator provides incredible air sealing and insulation value to nearly any attic entry.  This innovative product remedies one of the biggest problems for heat loss and gain in the building envelope.  

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Agricultural Pumps

The Barsha Pump

Now irrigation can be done without the need of gas, diesel, or even electricity.  The Barsha pump works day and night running virtually free of charge after its installation.  


If your farm or acreage is located next to a river, stream, or canal then you need to investigate this incredible agricultural technology. 


Solar for Homes and Business

Whether you want to go off grid or simply supplement your energy needs, we can help.  We will customize a solar installation just for your needs. Contact us to prepare a no obligation quote. 


Our approach to solar is to first make sure you have done all that you can to conserve so you need as small a system possible. 

Installing Solar Panel

Truwatch Attic Heat Alarm

Heat Alarms from Energy Nerds

One of the most dangerous fires is an attic fire. These fires are very hard to detect  and are one of the most deadly types of house fires for this reason. Our company focus is energy savings controlling heat.  This is one scenario where we protect families from a dangerous type of heat. It just makes sense for us to mention this technology to our customers that insulate an attic.  Nerds think of everything! With these types of alarms there are NO batteries-NO electricity-NO Maintenance-No Worries!  This is a real assurance of safety that many families never think about. 

Environmental Probiotics


BetterAir restores balance to the biome of any home or office by continuously supplying environmental probiotics.  Many of us use disinfectants unwittingly killing all of the good bacteria along with  the bad.  Probiotics have been proven to outperform disinfectant protocols in nursing homes and hospitals alike.  Probiotics is extremely invasive and can many times eliminate odors that filters and other approaches fail to remedy. In addition air ducts and mechanical areas that are typically hard to maintain, can be treated. Energy savings and better air quality is the result of this new technology.  

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