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Invisaflects is the premiere coating used to reflect radiant heat with a simple two step application to walls or ceilings.  Invisaflects is tintable so you do not have to compromise beauty for energy efficiency. 


We carry roof coatings as well.


So if you have a home with no or little attic space, you can still reflect radiant heat using this scientifically proven technology. 


The fact is every home needs Invisaflects but most people are still uneducated that this is an option for them when they paint. Just coating the ceilings alone can put over $990,000.00 in the homeowners bank over 30 years through savings and reinvestment. There are several assumptions used in arriving at this number.  It would require diligence on behalf of the homeowner to accomplish this financial result.  Here are the assumptions:  Present starting utilities average 200.00 per month, utility prices increase 5.1% a year, savings from Invisaflects of 10% a month Savings is reinvested in an income producing investment at 10%. This is one scenario and savings for utilities vary by climate, home, and other variables.


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