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Energy Nerds Insulation Products

Agricultural Pumps

The Barsha Pump

Now irrigation can be done without the need of gas, diesel, or even electricity.  The Barsha pump works day and night running virtually free of charge after its installation.  


If your farm or acreage is located next to a river, stream, or canal then you need to investigate this incredible agricultural technology. 

Agricultural Pumps

Solar Panels

Solar for Homes and Business

Whether you want to go off grid or simply supplement your energy needs, we can help.  We will customize a solar installation just for your needs. Contact us to prepare a no obligation quote. 


Our approach to solar is to first make sure you have done all that you can to conserve so you need as small a system possible. 

Installing Solar Panel
Solar Panels

Truwatch Attic Heat Alarm

Heat Alarms from Energy Nerds

One of the most dangerous fires is an attic fire. These fires are very hard to detect  and are one of the most deadly types of house fires for this reason. Our company focus is energy savings controlling heat.  This is one scenario where we protect families from a dangerous type of heat. It just makes sense for us to mention this technology to our customers that insulate an attic.  Nerds think of everything! With these types of alarms there are NO batteries-NO electricity-NO Maintenance-No Worries!  This is a real assurance of safety that many families never think about. 

Attic Heat Alam

Environmental Probiotics

Environmental Probiotics restores balance to the biome of any home or office by continuously supplying environmental probiotics.  Many of us use disinfectants unwittingly killing all of the good bacteria along with  the bad.  Probiotics have been proven to outperform disinfectant protocols in nursing homes and hospitals alike.  Probiotics is extremely invasive and can many times eliminate odors that filters and other approaches fail to remedy. In addition air ducts and mechanical areas that are typically hard to maintain, can be treated. Energy savings and better air quality is the result of this new technology.  

better air.webp
Evironmental Probiotics

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