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The Attic Gator Attic Entry Covers

Looking for a way to insulate and seal your attic access? Attic Gator is the two-in-one solution.

Energy professionals, insulation technicians, and even the federal government agree that air leakage from the attic can be one of the biggest wastes of energy in the entire house.

The Attic Gator’s simple installation, durability, and effect on your home’s comfort makes improving your home’s energy efficiency easy! Better comfort and energy savings are just a matter of knowing the right size for your attic access.

attic gator sizes.jpg

Attic Access Covers Reduce Heat Transfer

Attic doors and scuttle holes can be major sources of heat transfer and energy loss in any home. Attic access cover insulation from the Attic Gator reduces this heat transfer and makes the rest of the home more comfortable. Not only that, but your air conditioning and heating will have to work less, resulting in cost savings as well!

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